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After all he's been through, does Marty ever feel angry or bitter? "Every day there's a little bit of bitterness and anger, but I don't focus on it. If I spent too much energy focusing on my bitterness, my anger toward the hell that I've been through, I won't be successful."
Instead of focusing on the negative, Marty instead concentrates on a bright future for himself. "I say basically my world is my oyster," he says.
In addition to enjoying freedoms like driving, Marty says he regularly goes to the gym, sees friends and spends time at the beach. He's also working to make a difference in the world. While in prison, Marty earned his associate's degree and enrolled full time in college immediately after his release. As someone who's been through the prison system and knows what needs to be changed, Marty is now determined to become a lawyer to help make things right. "There's so many faults with it. There shouldn't be any more Marty Tankleffs," he says. "Society suffers when an innocent person goes away, and we can change the system."

Ten years after Marty Tankleff's arrest, a California teen faces a similar situation.

See how others have transformed their darkest moments into their wildest dreams.
FROM: Exclusive: Wrongfully Accused of Murdering His Parents
Published on June 09, 2009


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