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Marty still lives in Long Island, and his childhood home brings back a lot of memories. "Right down the road from where I grew up there was a beach, and my mother and I used to go walking. Every memory's special with my parents. They embraced me. They loved me. I loved them," he says. "Without a doubt, I lived a charmed life."

Since his release from prison, Marty has become something of a local celebrity in the tight-knit community. Well-wishers often send him their congratulations and say they are happy to see him out of prison. "Everywhere I've gone, it's kind of that same reception now. It just proves the fact that once all the facts have gotten out there, the people who knew me, the people who followed the case know the truth," he says. 

Since his release, he's been staying with his cousin Ron and Ron's wife Carol. "We were very concerned that Marty would lose his soul, lose his innocence, lose his, as one of his lawyers calls it, boyish charm. And that didn't happen," Ron says. "He's come home with determination to go forward and to his life and prove himself."

"We always say that thank God we all stood together. We fought as a team, and we've won as a team," Marty says. "But we're far from over. And we won't stop."
FROM: Exclusive: Wrongfully Accused of Murdering His Parents
Published on June 09, 2009


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