Loving What They Do
Russell Simmons, author of 'Do You!'
Called the CEO of hip-hop, Russell Simmons co-founded the influential Def Jam records in the 1980s in a dorm room. Through that label and his various businesses—Phat Farm and Baby Phat clothing, jewelry, fragrance, television, movies and Broadway productions—Russell has helped transform hip-hop from a New York City subculture into a billion-dollar international lifestyle. His tycoon pal, Donald Trump, says he's one of the greatest entrepreneurs around.

Yet despite his lavish lifestyle, the 48-year-old yoga devotee and vegan says it's not the money that matters. Russell's book, Do You!: 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success, seeks to impart his beliefs to the "hip-hop generation."

"It's the practice of listening to your inner voice," Russell says. "I think that all of us know that there's a source that connects all of us. You can call it God if you want, or whatever you call it, the idea is that there's a voice inside you. There's something that connects us all and when you're in touch with that, it allows you access to anything in the universe."