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In 1996, after listening to her pregnant friends' frequent complaints about frumpy maternity clothes, Liz Lange had an aha! moment. "I thought, there's something wrong here," she says. "I've got all these friends. They all want to shop, they need to shop. Obviously the clothing that's out there isn't working for them. So I had this idea that I could make fashionable maternity clothing."

She'd found an untapped market waiting to explode, but Liz—a former Vogue editor—had no real knowledge of how to make clothes. "I guess that's like 'Life Lesson Number One.' Don't feel like you need to be bogged down by the skill sets that you do or don't have," Liz says. "I couldn't sketch. I couldn't draw. But I think that the one talent, in my mind, was I feel like I had taste. Not to sound too immodest, [but] I felt I was good at knowing what would make people look good."

Though Liz says everyone told her a line of fashionable maternity clothes was a bad idea, she went ahead with her dream, and Liz Lange Maternity was born. Hollywood moms jumped on the bandwagon and showed off their beautiful bellies in her clothes. And with the Liz Lange for Target line, stylish pregnant moms are everywhere.

That's good news around Harpo because there's always someone who's pregnant. "We have a baby boom all the time," Oprah says.

Six Harpo staffers model Liz Lange's fashions.
FROM: The Secrets of My Big Success
Published on January 01, 2006


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