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Russell says that yoga, which he has practiced for 14 years, is how he stays spiritually connected. While many people think of yoga as getting into challenging pretzel-like positions, he says that's only a small part of it. In getting in those poses, Russell says, the most important thing is to remember to smile and breathe. "The grace that you get from smiling and breathing in every pose, if you take it off the mat and if you can remember to be connected to your breath, and to move gracefully through life, then that alone is a process that will bring you to enlightenment."

Yoga and meditation also keep Russell from focusing on material possessions. "Things sometimes clutter up your mind and separate you from what's important," he says. "I think that people think of happiness in terms of toys and success. … Success is really about a connection to that source."

"Let go of the noise," he says. "And when you let go there's only God."
FROM: The Secrets of My Big Success
Published on January 01, 2006


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