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Do You! is full of Russell's spiritual beliefs in what it means to be successful and how one can attain that success. For instance, he explains that being a good leader means that you need to be, at heart, a servant. "When you're leading, you're making other people better. And when you're serving, your job is to play a role as a key player," he says. "To know that allows you the freedom to be a good leader and inspire people. That's what you're here for."

Being a good leader also means knowing when to take advice.

When Russell sent Oprah an advance copy of his book, it was titled Twelve Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success. "Do You!" was just the name of one of the chapters.

Oprah says she read about a hundred pages of it before making a phone call. "I said, 'Russell, I'm really digging your book. I think it's really good and it's going to reach a whole other generation of people who want to be successful. But it's inappropriately titled.' And he's like, 'What? Really?' And I said, 'I'm just telling you. You asked me for what my comments were. My comments are you need to change the title to Do You!'"

Russell says when he got off the phone with Oprah he realized that a title change was exactly what his book needed. "Your advice rang a bell, the minute you said it. Of course it's about that. It speaks better to my audience. It's really about the inner voice, so this is the perfect title," Russell says. "I called the publisher, … [and he] changed the title."
FROM: The Secrets of My Big Success
Published on January 01, 2006


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