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Premiere magazine recently named Tom Cruise "The Greatest Living Movie Star" and fans are counting the days until his summer sci-fi thriller War of the Worlds hits theaters June 29th. Tom stars as Ray, a self-centered father estranged from his family. He's taking care of his children for a weekend, when suddenly, the world comes under a vicious attack by an unknown force. Mass hysteria spreads as the entire human race realizes aliens have invaded. Ray and his family are forced to run for their lives.

Tom is working on War of the Worlds with friend/director Steven Spielberg again after their blockbuster hit Minority Report. Steven gave Tom 84 pages of the script for his birthday, and said, "You've got to read this!" Tom says he was immediately on board.

"We decided to make this movie, and it's incredible the people that came together," Tom says. "We didn't compromise on anything. I never felt rushed. ... It was always a huge epic picture, but it's a very personal story."
FROM: Tom Cruise on Love, Life and Fatherhood
Published on May 23, 2005


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