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How a single woman feels on the inside may be just as important as how she looks on the outside, Steve says. When a woman walks into a room, he thinks her inner dialogue can be the difference between being approached and being ignored.

"Even if you're feeling insecure, if you walk [into a room] shoulders back, head held high, thinking, 'I'm hot. I'm a great woman. I can have anybody in here.' We pick up on it," he says. "Ultimately, we're all animals. It's the law of attraction."

Although Gayle says she was skeptical when she first met Steve, she did walk away with some practical tips. Most importantly, she says she learned that landing a good man is not about playing games.

"It's street smarts," Steve says. "You're all stuck in holding patterns. You're being judged by yourself [and] by all the women's magazines telling you, you have to be a certain way. … We don't want you that way. We just want you as women."
FROM: The Best Places to Find Men Over 35: Gayle King Reports
Published on January 01, 2006