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Where are all the guys? To get an insider's perspective, Gayle and Katina turn to Steve Santagati, author of The Manual

Their first stop is a farmers' market. While some women might take this—and any other errands, such as running out to get the paper or a gallon of milk—as an opportunity to wear bleach-stained sweatpants and oversized T-shirts, Steve says they should instead treat it as a potential time to meet guys. Instead of dressing like a "shlumpadinka," Steve says you should leave the house looking great. What does Steve consider an appropriate errand outfit? "A little lip gloss, a cute T-shirt, some nice jeans."

Gayle and Katina disagree, saying that an errand doesn't need to be fashion show. Steve's response is clear and direct. "Men are always looking," he says. "Therefore, you always have to be ready to be looked at if you want to meet a guy."

Steve also says women shouldn't be afraid to make the first move. If you see someone you are interested in just walk up and start talking to him…you don't need to introduce yourself. "Say, 'What are you doing at the farmers' market? Do you really know how to cook?' And then if he says he knows how to cook, say, 'What do you think a sexy meal is?' You want to come across as a little bit naughty, a little bit playful. It's not being forward, it's being proactive."

Katina tries the forward approach on Lemont. Does it work? "It's actually better," Lemont says. "I prefer [being approached] because we don't have to worry about being rejected."
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Published on January 01, 2006


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