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From the outside, Holly's life seems picture perfect. She's married to a successful doctor, has two healthy children and lives in a beautiful home. "I live a life that many people would think is the American dream," Holly says. But the truth is, much like Nicole, Holly admits she's living a lie.

Shortly after her wedding, Holly says she began to feel disconnected from her husband. The fantasy vacations and extravagant dinners they enjoyed during their long-distance courtship came to an end, and the reality of living together began to set in. Looking back, Holly admits that she only saw her husband for 60 days before their wedding day—even though they dated for a year and a half.

Despite their personality differences and lack of intimacy, Holly always put on a happy face around their friends and family. "When people make the assumptions on my life, they see what appears to be a happy life," she says. "I think when you portray the happiness for so long, you forget that you're living a lie."
FROM: Women Who Are Living a Lieā€”Could It Be You?
Published on April 18, 2006


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