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Musician Melissa Etheridge and her wife Tammy are Skyping in from their home office to talk about their frustrations concerning the passage of Proposition 8. Melissa says Election Day was bittersweet for her. "We were celebrating Obama's victory," she says. "We were so happy for our nation moving forward, and yet we felt this pull backward. We felt a kick in the gut."

Melissa says she thinks part of the reason Proposition 8 passed was that the wording on the ballot was confusing. "If you vote yes, it means no, [you don't want gay marriage to be legal]. If you vote no, it means yes, [you want gay marriage to be legal]," she says. "It was very complicated."

The passage of Proposition 8 also brings up complex issues about the separation of church and state, Melissa says. Some people believe marriage is about religion, whereas she believes it's about civil rights. "We are a country that allows all religious freedoms. It's wonderful," she says. "But, I [should] still get to have the same rights as you do."
FROM: Oprah Fridays: Melissa Etheridge Speaks Out
Published on November 14, 2008