Oprah with her dog, Solomon

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Fans of The Oprah Winfrey Show know how much Oprah loves her dogs. Many also know that in March 2008, Oprah lost her beloved cocker spaniel Sophie. Sadly, just two weeks ago, she also had to say her final goodbye to Solomon. "His health was declining. It had been for some time," she says. "He let me know it was time to go."

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Oprah has had a number of dogs over the years, but she says she felt closest to Sophie and Solomon. "They were like my little children," she says. Oprah received Solomon as a Christmas gift from Stedman in December 1994, and from the moment she laid eyes on him, she says she knew he had her. "What I didn't know was how he would change my life," she says.

For 14 years, Solomon stood by Oprah's side, traveled the world and became a bit of a celebrity in his own right. But Oprah says simple treats like doggie biscuits and belly rubs really made his eyes light up.

"For me, Solomon was pure, unconditional love. He was our family, and as we said goodbye one last teary time, I knew that not only have I loved him every day of his 14-year life, but I'm a better person because he loved me back," Oprah says.
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Published on November 14, 2008