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Oprah talks about her early voting experience.
Ali Wentworth, Mark Consuelos and Gayle King are here, and the biggest topic on their minds—and everyone else's—is the 2008 election. After what has seemed like years of campaigning, the end is just five days away!

This year, many states offered early voting, some for the very first time. In Illinois, the last day to vote early was Thursday, October 30. Oprah says she initially was going to wait until Election Day to vote...but decided to vote early instead to make sure she didn't get stuck in a long line on Tuesday, November 4. Despite having to wait an hour and 12 minutes to cast her ballot, Oprah says the polling center was very organized. "First you'd come in and you'd fill out your stuff," she says. "And then you sit and you wait for them to call your name."

"So they actually said, 'Ms. Oprah Winfrey'?" Mark asks.

"They all called it at the same time: Oprah Winfrey!" Oprah says. "I did a little dance and went up to the voting booth."

Oprah says she even met women from a drug treatment center who were at her polling place to vote for the first time.

Gayle says she can't wait to cast her vote...but her home state of Connecticut doesn't offer early voting. "You know what I'm going to do on Election Day?" Gayle says. "Take a camera to the polls. And when I get in the booth, I'm going to click up whomever I'm voting for, click up his name and take a picture of me standing by the ballot. Just to have it, because I really do feel it's a historic thing."

While early voting is over in Illinois, it's still going on in many states...with some offering it right up until Election Day. Find out your registration status and the early voting laws in your state at