Faith Hill on the cover of Shape magazine

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The next topic that got Oprah, Ali, Mark and Gayle talking is the December issue of Shape magazine, which features country superstar Faith Hill on the cover. What's so special about that? This 41-year-old mother of three is showing off her toned legs and abs in a bikini! "Wow. I thought that was me for a second," Ali jokes.

From her kitchen in Nashville, Tennessee, Faith is Skyping in to share her fitness tips. For years, Faith says she only worked out to get in shape for a video shoot or work-related event. "I would exercise rapidly for two to three weeks," she says. "Then, I would go about my regular life."

Then, in January 2008, Faith says she underwent knee surgery, which changed her outlook on exercise. "I was down for six months. I couldn't exercise. I couldn't do anything," she says. "At that moment, I realized, you know what, I'd really taken my health for granted."

Over the summer, she says she and her husband, fellow country star Tim McGraw, decided to change their lifestyle completely. "[We] changed our eating habits," she says. "We started working out daily with cardio, mostly on an elliptical cardio machine."

Faith says she does about 4 miles a day on the elliptical and incorporates Pilates into her routine. Once she started seeing results, she says she agreed to do the cover of Shape as a 41st birthday gift to herself. "I also think it was a gift to her husband," Mark says. "Thank you from all the husbands out there."
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Published on October 31, 2008