Lisa Ling's Most Extreme Adventures
Journalist Lisa Ling will report from just about anywhere in the world to shed light on a story. Take a look at some of her most extreme adventures.
Lisa Ling and Congolese women
Democratic Republic of the Congo
In 2005, Lisa Ling traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to explore women's struggles during a time of war.

MS-13 gang graffiti
Inside Dangerous Gangs
Even after hearing rumors of gang members wanting to hold her hostage, Lisa fearlessly interviewed members of one of the world's most dangerous gangs in 2005.
Lisa Ling visits "Party Row"
Inside the Lives of Young Prostitutes
In 2006, Lisa investigated the lives of young prostitutes in an area called "Party Row," a known spot for child prostitution in Oklahoma City.

A young boy and mom in North Korea
North Korea
In 2006, Lisa went undercover to get a rare look inside North Korean society.
Lisa Ling and a tent city resident
Inside a Tent City
Lisa went to Sacramento in 2009 to talk to people who lost their homes due to the recession and were living in makeshift shelters called tent cities.
Lisa Ling at the IVF Clinic in India
Wombs for Rent
In 2006, Lisa visited an IVF Clinic in India, where couples from all over the world can hire surrogates for a fraction of the cost as in the United States.

Lisa Ling in Ghana
Child Slavery in Ghana
In 2006, Lisa reported on the shocking statistics of child slavery in Ghana.
The Freegan World
Want to know what it's like to willingly get your food from other people's trash? In 2008, Lisa talked to "freegans," a growing grassroots subculture of people who choose to live outside consumer society.

Heroin addicts
Heroin Town
In 2008, Lisa spent a week investigating the heroin epidemic occurring in Richland County, Ohio.

Lisa Ling at the Yearning for Zion Ranch polygamist compound
Inside a Polygamist Compound
In 2008, Lisa was given rare access inside the Yearning for Zion Ranch, a polygamist compound where children had been removed from their homes due to reports of abuse.

Adult film CEO and Lisa Ling
The Adult Film World
In 2009, Lisa explored the adult film world by visiting sets and talking to members of the porn industry.

A modern-day geisha and Lisa Ling
Life of a Modern-Day Geisha
In 2010, Lisa was invited inside the secret world of a modern-day geisha.
Lisa Ling inside a convent
The Life of a Nun
Lisa lived like a nun during her stay at a Detroit convent in 2010.
Lisa Ling touring McNeil Island
Sex Offenders Island
In 2010, Lisa toured McNeil Island, a mental health facility that houses Washington's most dangerous sex offenders.

Lisa Ling inside a slaughterhouse
Inside a Slaughterhouse
Lisa recently went inside a slaughterhouse in Colorado to find out where our food comes from.