Life Swap
Cree and Cree dressed as Carmen
For the new show He's a Lady, airing on TBS, 11 men face a hair-raising adventure that most men would never dare. The challenge: for three weeks, they must live head to toe as ladies. The motivation: a quarter of a million dollars.

Cree, a Las Vegas entrepreneur, believes beauty is in the eye of the beholder when he becomes Carmen.

Since these gals were going to be graded on grace, good looks and glamour, there was stiletto camp, makeup and modeling lessons and the task most men loathe, shopping. Then, they had to introduce their alter egos to their friends and family. And the final challenge: swap places for 24 hours with their wives or girlfriends.

"I thought the stuff automatically got done," says Cree. "I learned so much of what goes into [my wife's] daily life and what she does for my son Jared and I every single day. Even after a long day of work."