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Karoline is a self-described party girl from England. She desperately clings to her youth and says she is repulsed by the elderly. In a life changing experiment, Karoline agrees to come face to face with her biggest fear. Aging. For a month straight she endures a daily five and a half hours makeup job to look like she's about 73 years old.

Karoline had to move away from her friends and family and live alone in a small apartment for an entire month.She also took a job working with senior citizens and went on a weekend getaway with 3,000 older people. Eventually, Karoline began to realize they were real people with real feelings—and it changed her life.

"When I'm in the prosthetics, when I'm in the makeup, I'm older, an older version of me, but it's still me on the inside," she says. "I can kind of see the young person inside of them now. I kind of see them as just young people actually trying to deal with being old."
FROM: A Special Experiment: Men Turn Into Women
Published on October 13, 2004


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