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A student from Texas took the time to e-mail Oprah about her honors world geography teacher, Mrs. Adeniyi, who has a dream that only Oprah can fulfill.

Mrs. Adeniyi has reserved an "Oprah-only chair" in her classroom for the last six years, hoping that Oprah would visit one day. "No person has ever sat in or even breathed on that chair and lived," ninth-grader Ashtian writes. "She is such a fun teacher with great ideas. I would love for you to meet her, even if it's for a single moment."

Oprah meets Mrs. Adeniyi and has a special surprise for her via satellite. The night before the show, Oprah had the principal pack and ship the "Oprah chair" to Chicago! "I was definitely upset that it was missing because no one has touched that chair," Mrs. Adeniyi says. "All these students know at the beginning of the year, I set the tone that the chair is not to be touched. And they all doubted me that you were ever going to sit in it. So this is unreal."

Oprah isn't the only one with a special seat. "Because you have reserved this chair for me all of these years, I am now going to reserve two seats for you," Oprah says. "So please tell us when you want to come to the Oprah Show, and I'll have a special seat reserved right here in the front just for you."
FROM: Letters to Oprah 2007
Published on March 26, 2007


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