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One letter from a group of longtime friends from San Diego thanked Oprah for accompanying them on their Italian adventure, and they even sent pictures. The thing is, Oprah hadn't gone on the trip!

"Six of us college pals have been friends for 30 years. We have an unbreakable bond," the women write. "Oprah, over the years, you've become a part of our lives. So when we all turned 50, we decided to take you with us on our big trip to Italy."

The group's mastermind, Harriet, came up with the idea to take a cardboard photo of Oprah's face to Italy. "We figured, what the heck," Harriet says. The women posed with it throughout Italy—from the Vatican in Rome to a gondola ride in Venice. Oprah's presence even helped them get better service with cute Italian waiters!

Oprah got a kick out of the trip. "Well, you know I've been wanting to go to Italy, so maybe this was the law of attraction working for me," Oprah says.
FROM: Letters to Oprah 2007
Published on March 26, 2007


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