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In 2005, Cher performed the last show of her farewell tour and told fans she'd never go on the road again...but that didn't mean she was done performing. "I didn't want to give up," Cher says. "I really like doing this too much."

Cher has teamed up with Caesars Palace to create a cutting-edge new show, Cher at the Colosseum. This time around, the fans will have to come to her. Cher has signed on to do 200 performances over the next three years.

On May 6, 2008, the show premiered to a sold-out crowd, and Oprah says it's already creating excitement around the world!

Singing at Caesars Palace is a full-circle moment in Cher's life. "After Sonny and I broke up, [Caesars] was my first gig, and it wasn't nearly as nice as this," she says. "I was over in the main room—seven nights a week, two shows a night."

Things are a little different this time around. For the first time on television, Cher performs from her new stage. She's singing "Take Me Home," a throwback to her dazzling disco days.
FROM: Oprah, Cher and Tina Turner at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas
Published on May 30, 2008


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