Last-Ever Harpo Hookups
It's the biggest, most fabulous, last-ever Harpo Hookups show! See viewers' dreams come true.
Justin Carey
Strings were pulled, favors were called in and a few arms were twisted—all to make the last-ever Harpo Hookups show the biggest and best!

If you look up "Ultimate Oprah Show Viewer" in the dictionary, you'll probably see a picture of our first Harpo Hookup candidate, 17-year-old Justin Carey.

The honor roll student, aspiring broadcast journalist and self-described Oprah Show addict says he's been a fan since he was just 5 years old, and after watching Oprah's 20th Anniversary DVDs countless times, he can even finish Oprah's sentences.

Over the years, Justin has written nearly 200 emails to Oprah Show producers, covering everything from his mother to his favorite teacher to his decision to sign the No Phone Zone Pledge. But there's one thing that has this "King of Oprah Show Trivia" stumped: how to score a seat in our audience.

In 2010, our audience department tried to book Justin for Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things audience, but unfortunately, Justin was too young—audience members must be 18. After the holiday giveaway, he sent another letter to producers. "I know something bigger and better will happen because I've heard Oprah say so many times, 'God can dream a bigger dream for you than you can dream for yourself,'" he wrote.

Justin has no idea that his biggest dreams are about to come true!