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Days after the surprise announcement, Ron is sent out on assignment to a Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers game. "I'm going to interview Derrick Rose for ESPN," Ron says. "This is definitely the opportunity of a lifetime."

As sports fans pack into Conseco Fieldhouse, our rookie reporter picks up his media credentials and takes his seat, notebook in hand, to watch the game.

After the game, Ron has an exclusive one-on-one with the Bulls' MVP point guard. Then, it's off to the ESPN anchor desk for his on-air report.

Ron: Ron Brown here on the Sports Center set, and I'm joined by NBA player and ESPN analyst Jon Barry. Let's get right into it. Derrick Rose, I got to watch him play yesterday. He's definitely quick, and he's definitely explosive to the rim. What makes him such a good player besides those two things?

Jon: He's got an unbelievable ability. Once he gets in the air, he can kind of move his body to avoid that contact. And, boy, he's a special, special player.

Ron: Jon, thank you very much. Opportunity of a lifetime for me. I'm so excited. This is a dream come true. We're going to go ahead and send it back to the desk.

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Published on May 05, 2011


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