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One of our loyal male viewers, James, wrote into The Oprah Show in hopes of getting a hookup for his best friend Ron. "He's selfless, he's loving, he's caring," James says. "It's really like we're brothers."

Ron works as an assistant manager at Walgreens, but James says his true passion is sports. "Sometimes when we're watching sports together, Ron will pretend that he's on television. He does his own updates," James says. "Ron's dream job has always been to be on ESPN as a broadcaster."

To pull off this slam-dunk surprise, Harpo had ESPN anchors Ryan Burr and Kevin Negandhi tape a special segment. Ron thinks he's at a bar to watch a game, but little does he know, he's the big story of the day.

"Ron Brown of Cleveland, Ohio, yes, we're talking to you," Kevin says on ESPN. "Listen up, here's the deal: We're sending you on assignment. You're going to interview one of the biggest stars in the NBA, Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls."

"And after your interview, you're going to head back here to our ESPN anchor desk and give us the low down," Ryan says.

"Oh my goodness," Ron says. "I don't believe it!"
FROM: Oprah Presents the Last-Ever Harpo Hook-Ups
Published on May 05, 2011


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