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Gabby Sullivan, a teacher, wrote into The Oprah Show to tell us about seven of her students: Jakina, Isabel, Bailey, Paris, Eliza, Shanae and Alex. "They are so special because they have just taught me more than I believe I can teach them," she says. "For many of the girls, their lives have been in and out of foster care. Some of them have been adopted and returned. Some of them do not know what it's like for their mother to sit down with them and put makeup on them or tell them that they're beautiful."

The girls have prom in a few weeks, and Gabby says they won't have the opportunity to get new dresses or have their hair done...unless they get a Harpo Hookup!

"My message to these girls is that they can do anything. That they can be anything. That they can dream as big as they want to dream. That there is no limit to what they can do,” she says. "And to know that Ms. Sullivan loves them."
FROM: Oprah Presents the Last-Ever Harpo Hook-Ups
Published on May 05, 2011


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