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In order to keep herself motivated to keep losing weight, Kirstie's made some drastic changes in her life and her home. What was once her living room is now her workout room, with a variety of exercise equipment taking up most of the space.

"I like to do circuit training," she says. "I'm on each one of these things for a minute. In between each piece of equipment I dance really hard. And then I dance at the end for about 20 minutes. … I do this anywhere from four to six times a week. And then I pretend like I'm Muhammad Ali at a disco. My routine is at least an hour. If it's a day where I have lots and lots of energy and not a lot of things to do, I do it for two hours."

Kirstie's diet has changed drastically, too. Besides Jenny Craig meals, her refrigerator is stocked with healthy snacks. "Cherries—my favorite fruit," she says. "Eggplant—I like to slice these up and put these on the barbecue. Sometimes I have a little yogurt. I drink a lot of water. Sometimes I have a pickle. I don't like things that are really greasy anymore."
FROM: How Much Weight Has Kirstie Alley Lost?
Published on May 16, 2005


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