Bedroom before

After seeing Kirstie Alley return to her roots as an interior designer, Dallas mom Stephanie said she'd be willing to surrender complete decorating control to Kirstie. Not willing to stand for a mess in Texas, Kirstie surprises Stephanie and her husband, David, with a bedroom makeover. "This is sort of a depressing color, if I might say," Kirstie says. "It's kind of surrounding you with dull."

Also on Kirstie's to-do list? Find a stylish dog bed alternative—and retire David's ancient stereo, which is now used as a nightstand.
Bedroom before

Kirstie says there's a place for cleaning supplies and desks—just not where you sleep. "Don't do business in your bedroom," she says. "Unless you're doing monkey business."
Bedroom after

Kirstie lets the light shine in this bedroom with a bright blast of turquoise and a gallery of mirrors. Proper nightstands have replaced David's old stereo. "We donated that stereo because some other people didn't have any nightstands," Kirstie jokes.
Bedroom after

Kirstie creates a space where Stephanie and David can truly get away. The dogs even have a place to lounge—stashed inside the cabinet are two cozy blankets for Juicy and Tony.
Bedroom after

Kirstie brings one of Stephanie's decorating dreams to life by adding a seating area next to the window. "We've never had chairs in that window, which I always wanted," Stephanie says. "It's gorgeous."

"Enjoy," Kirstie says."Make another baby in here."

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