King of Cool
Samuel L. Jackson and Oprah
Samuel L. Jackson is the king of cool, starring is such movies as Pulp Fiction, Shaft and Star Wars. His movies have made more money than any other actor in history, making Samuel the $6 billion man!

Well known for his trademark cool persona, Samuel says he doesn't try to act that way. "It never occurs to me to leave home and say, 'I've got to be cool today,'" Samuel says. "I have a certain amount of confidence in who I am and what I'm capable of doing. I'm very fun loving and I like to laugh a lot, and I think people find that cool."

It's no surprise that being cool, calm and collected comes naturally to Samuel. He says he inherited "the look" from his mother. He says he may seem intimidating to some, but jokes, "It doesn't stop people from coming to my table and saying, 'Can I get an autograph?'"