Samuel L. Jackson motivates young students.

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Samuel works with the I Have A Dream Foundation—Los Angeles, the founding of which was inspired by the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The organization adopts an entire first grade class in a low-income area where the dropout rate would normally be 65 to 70 percent from first grade to high school. Educators and mentors then tutor each child for free. After graduation, money for college or vocational school is guaranteed.

Samuel says he speaks from experience when trying to motivate these young dreamers. Growing up in a rough neighborhood, Samuel's family taught him that an education was his way out. He shares that same message with these hopeful students. "The one thing I hope to get across to these young people today is that they are the masters of their fate," Samuel says. "They are in charge of how far they go and how swiftly they get there."
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Published on January 16, 2006