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Kirstie is dancing off the pounds! She works out regularly at Alley Kat Studios with choreographers Rich and Flii. In addition to being a great cardio routine, it's helping her prepare to dance in an upcoming Jenny Craig commercial. "I really wanted to celebrate that I have gotten thinner," Kirstie explains.

Oprah is so curious about Kirstie's secret weight loss weapon that she decides to try it for herself! "I'm a little nervous," she says when she arrives at the studio. "I'm not in my league. I only dance alone with my dogs."

With Rich and Flii's expert guidance—and lots of practice—Oprah starts to get the hang of it. "The more steps I take, the more I think Kirstie may be onto something," she says. "This dance thing is kind of fun."

Not only do Kirstie and Oprah get footloose—they do it in stilettos! "You never see a stripper in flip-flops," Kirstie explains. "Flat-footed doesn't make you feel sexy."
FROM: Kirstie Alley Teaches Oprah Her Secret Weight Loss Weapon
Published on November 07, 2005


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