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Though she says the family rarely discusses the murder, Pam, Patsy's sister, has her own thoughts about what happened to her niece.

"My theory has not changed since day one, and now that we all know the truth that John and Patsy were not involved, I can openly say that when you live in the kind of lifestyle that they were living—high dollar, lots of travel, lots of success—that also puts you out there to be the target of a lot of jealousy," she says. "I truly believe that the perpetrators of this crime were in that house not only on that night, but on previous nights. ... I think it's somebody that knows [John], that was terribly jealous and wanted to bring them down."

While John thinks this could be a possibility, he believes there was a more sinister motivating factor. "I know others who have looked at it that have experience who think it was a pedophile," he says. 
FROM: Elizabeth Smart, John Ramsey: The Stories That Captured the Nation
Published on September 10, 2008


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