John F. Kennedy Jr.
John says he's always relied on his sister, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, even though she did boss him around when they were younger. "We're obviously very close. As a younger brother, you look up to your sister. I was the 'man' of the family, as it were," he says. "I feel so lucky that I have such a close relationship with her."

Like John, Caroline has also worked in publishing. She interned for the New York Daily News and wrote for Rolling Stone. With Ellen Alderman, Caroline co-authored the 1995 book The Right to Privacy.

John says the clash between privacy and fame is a topic he and his sister know all about. "We're used to a certain degree of being watched," he says. "I understand that there's interest, and certainly that interest has given both of us great opportunities, so I can't complain too much. Sometimes I wish it wasn't always that way, but then you wouldn't have invited me on your show if I was just somebody else."
FROM: John F. Kennedy Jr.
Published on September 03, 1996


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