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Although acting with animals can be a struggle, Owen says all his canine co-star needed to do was be himself to play the part perfectly. "Clyde, who played Marley, was so rambunctious and untrained that it was actually kind of good," he says. "He was really good at acting crazy."

Jennifer says getting used to having a trainer in the room was the most difficult part, and Owen says it was the trainer's methods that were tough. "They had little tricks to get the dog to lick you to wake you up in a scene, where they put this baby food, this like meat baby food on you," Owen says.

"That's how they get Owen and I to kiss too," Jennifer jokes.

The movie may be full of laughs, but with so many loyal readers waiting to see Marley & Me hit the big screen, Owen says it was important to make sure the film had a lot of heart. "I think we felt a responsibility," he says. "Anytime there's this book that people loved and really connected to, you want to honor that, and I think hopefully that we did."

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Published on November 13, 2008


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