Janet Jackson's nutritionist, David Allen, offers his advice for changing the way you eat!

  • Before you start a weight loss plan it is important to do a health history to identify any problems (i.e. thyroid issues, insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes, Syndrome X, PCOS, etc). Many of these problems can make it very hard to drop weight.
  • Start your day by having breakfast. You should try to eat no later than one hour after rising.
  • Sleep is critical to weight loss. Shoot for eight hours a night.
  • Try to drink at least 1/2 an ounce of pure water per one pound of body weight.
  • You should have at least four meals per day, or three meals and two snacks per day.
  • Cut out all processed foods (i.e. white flour and refined sugar)
  • An individualized supplement plan can be very important in reaching your goals.
David Allen Nutrition
6325 Topanga Canyon Bl. #433
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FROM: Janet Jackson
Published on September 15, 2006


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