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Looking for a fun way to help your kids create art? Gwen's invention, the Color Bug, is the first radio-controlled art product on the market! Kids just have to snap in a washable marker, place it on a drawing surface and use the remote to control the bug. "They become the next mini-Picasso," Gwen says. It's also a toy that will appeal to both boys and girls because it comes in red, blue and pink.

The Color Bug is an invention that Gwen says she's been dreaming about since she was in art school 10 years ago. She had to create a toy that moved 12 inches and was inspired by watching her dog scoot across the floor.

Carson says he was mesmerized watching the Color Bug in action. "It's a novelty, which is, for QVC looking for something that's new and innovative, it's certainly that," he says. Paula says she would even buy this toy for her 8-month-old grandson when he gets older!

Gwen says winning would set an amazing example for her own daughter. "I was raised to dream, and a lot of people told me that I couldn't do this," she says.
FROM: Oprah's Search for the Next Big Idea
Published on January 01, 2006