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Mimi has an idea that could open a window of opportunities for her! "The name of my invention is the Original Shutter Covers," she says. "It takes a typical, kind of frumpy, faded … shutter, and can help you celebrate anything that's going on in your life—whether it's a holiday, whether it's just a birthday," Mimi says. The interchangeable covers can decorate any shutter between three and six feet long. On the top of the panel there is a clip to easily attach the design of your choice. They are also weatherproof and fade-proof!

Carson and Paula come on stage to have a closer look at the covers. "I didn't want to like these, but you sold me," Carson says. "You're so enthusiastic about them. It's your passion."

Paula agrees. "I'm like Carson," she says. "Everybody may not have shutters. But when they see this, they'll want to put up shutters."

What would winning mean for Mimi? "I think if I won it would prove to me and to my kids and to everybody out there that anything really is possible," she says. "If I can go from being a nurse to inventing something, anybody can do anything."
FROM: Oprah's Search for the Next Big Idea
Published on January 01, 2006


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