T.D. Jakes and Kimberly Elise

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Based on the Sunday School classes and book by Bishop T.D. Jakes, he plays himself in the film. Bishop Jakes has become a mighty force of healing for thousands and thousands of women—all races, all ages, all walks of life—who have been abused.

Oprah: Pastor Jakes, I understand that this started from a real-life class that you have at church?

Bishop Jakes: Very much so. It actually emanated from a counseling session. I counsel these women going through these traumas and I began to find out we're dealing with an epidemic…. The stats have escalated over the years as I began to work in this area. It transcends all barriers. I think sometimes we limit it to a particular group of people, but there is no stereotypical person, age, color, ethnicity. It transcends education, academics. It's literally an epidemic. We've translated the book into four different languages. It's not just an American problem. It's a worldwide epidemic.
FROM: I Shot My Molester
Published on October 01, 2004