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A searing new film Women Thou Art Loosed takes us inside the human wreckage caused by sexual molestation. It is the haunting story of a woman, played by Kimberly Elise, trying to move past the life-altering sexual abuse she endured as a child.

Oprah: Why was it important for you to play this role, Kim?

Kimberly: I read the script and it was so powerful and so brave and honest, and I felt what an honor for me to have the chance to bring a face and a voice and a physical being to spirits who I know have been silenced and have not been given the chance to vocalize and externalize this life experience. If I could be a part of that, then how could I not?

Oprah: I know you've been to Pastor Jakes' healing ceremonies and hear these stories today. What do you feel when you realize that, you're playing a character, but for Angelina and so many millions of others who are watching, this is a real story?

Kimberly: We did the film in 12 days and those are some of the darkest 12 days of my life. And I realized that it does not begin to compare to living a lifetime of that reality. And I knew that doing it. And I felt a sense of responsibility to go as deep as I could.
FROM: I Shot My Molester
Published on October 01, 2004


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