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Andrew molested his stepdaughter Angelina for seven years. Angelina says that everything in her life changed when she was 9 years old, on the day her stepfather came into her bedroom. She says that it has affected every part of her life—emotionally, mentally and physically.

Angelina: I do not recall anything from my childhood except for the traumatic things. I drank. I did drugs. I tried to commit suicide. They had put me in a mental institution. It's been about four or five years and I do want to see my stepfather. I feel that I deserve some answers. … Emotionally, I couldn't attach to any man. I couldn't trust any. It's still hard to trust my husband. Sexually it's very hard to, you know, do a sexual act with my husband, because you get, like, flashbacks."

Oprah: But more than that, I think it's really important for people to understand that it's not just about the sex. What it does is, and tell me if this is true for you, it makes you feel, once you realize that this is wrong, it makes you feel ashamed of yourself. Is that correct? It makes you feel like you were a bad person and a bad girl.

Angelina: It makes you feel worthless and that you deserved it.
FROM: I Shot My Molester
Published on October 01, 2004


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