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Though the sexual, physical and verbal abuse was most often directed at her daughters, Martha felt she had no choice but to stay in the abusive situation. "By the time I realized I needed to leave," Martha said, "I had a house full of kids. I didn't have any job training, because he wouldn't let me. And I couldn't drive. He wouldn't let me drive.

"I just thought and thought about it a long time and I decided that we did have a roof over our heads and the best thing I could do was stay there and protect my kids the best I could. And I knew that's what it would be if I took them out. There wasn't the kind of help that you can get nowadays. I didn't have anywhere to go."

Glenda and Sherri say they understand the terrible decision their mom had to make. "She did what she had to do," Glenda explained. "We don't blame her one bit for, you know, staying in it. You couldn't get help like you can now."
FROM: I Shot My Molester
Published on October 01, 2004