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During her cross-country adventure with Gayle, Oprah revealed that she suffers from "interstate anxiety," "unpaved road anxiety" and "merging anxiety." Oprah also admitted a few other things she doesn't really like—night driving and driving over bridges.

Now, Oprah confesses to another driving roadblock. "So I will admit that I am not the best parallel parker, and when I heard about this new technology for your car, my producers said that I needed to see it," Oprah says.

With the help of Lexus Vice President of Sales Jim Colon, Oprah tries out the new Lexus that parallel parks itself. Once she's moved the car into a prime parking position, she puts it in reverse, which activates a rear camera to scope out the amount of space she has to park.

After confirming her position on a screen inside the car, Oprah hits a button and the car starts to move on its own. In a matter of seconds, the car is in the spot and Oprah hasn't lifted a finger! She puts the car in forward drive to straighten it out...and voila! "That is excellent!" Oprah says.
FROM: How'd They Do That?
Published on February 01, 2007


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