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In just six years, Sara says Spanx has made more than $100 million in retail sales. "It's amazing. I mean, all the men that I was cold-calling [said], 'This isn't a good idea. I don't get it,' and [the business] just has taken off. I believed in it. You were such a big part of it," Sara tells Oprah. "The journey has been amazing, and I feel like you've been present almost the whole journey. I'm thrilled to meet you."

Sara recently went to South Africa and launched her own foundation. "I have been making the world a better place one butt at a time, but it is my dream to make the world a better place one woman at a time." Sara hand delivered 278 scholarships to send women in South Africa to college.

Sara's generosity doesn't end there—she has a big surprise for Oprah! "To me, the greatest part of success is what you're able to give back, and you're a great teacher of that," Sara tells Oprah. Sara announces that she will donate $1 million to the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa!

"On behalf of all of our girls, all of our new daughters, thank you very much," Oprah says.
FROM: How'd They Do That?
Published on February 01, 2007