International Medical Corps midwife kit $5: Midwife Kitfysrtvtybfrxrttx
You can provide one midwife with the kit she needs to perform a safe, normal delivery. Every minute, a woman dies due to complications from pregnancy and childbirth. Without the proper equipment, midwives cannot adequately handle the problems that can arise during and shortly after delivery.

Unicef hygiene kit $9.04: Hygiene Kit
The kit contains soap, a washcloth, sanitary napkins, nail clippers, toothpaste and a toothbrush. The contents are intended for two individuals for one month.

International Medical Corps mother and baby kit $10: Health Services for a Mother and Her Baby
Deliver health services to one mother and her baby, including prenatal and postnatal care, routine checkups, immunizations and safe delivery services.

Unicef surgical examination kit $32.22: Surgical Examination Kit
This kit, for use by midwives and other trained medical personnel, is designed to improve maternal and neonatal care in development and emergency situations. It contains surgical instruments for examining women, suturing cervical and vaginal tears, etc.

International Medical Corps caesarean kit $65: Caesarean Section Kit
You can provide one medical officer the kit she needs to perform a Caesarean section. While traditional birth attendants can make sure that a clean delivery is performed, they often lack the tools and skills to perform a Caesarean section, stop heavy bleeding and other procedures that can mean the life or death for the mother and her baby.

Care ambulance transportation$190: Tricycle Ambulance Service
You can provide transportation that will bring high-risk, expectant mothers from rural areas to hospitals for quality care, improving the chances that she and her child will survive. A woman can bleed to death in two hours after delivery—not enough time for a family member to get help or transport her to the hospital.

Care medical training$410: Medical Training
Deliver babies into capable hands. Your donation can train a local doctor, nurse or midwife to provide healthcare to expectant mothers, improving the chances that she and her child will survive childbirth.