Somaly Mam psychological counseling$10: Psychological Counseling
You can provide one month of psychological counseling and rehabilitation to a girl at a shelter in Southeast Asia. Your donation will provide the support survivors need to embark on the long and painful journey.

Apne Aap education program$20: Adult Education
You can provide one month of adult education for a woman in prostitution, transcending formal education. It also includes training women on opening and operating bank accounts and forming small economic and social cooperatives.

Somaly Mam HIV test$30: Medical Exam and HIV Testing
Give the gift of health. You can provide an HIV test and medical exam for girls rescued from sexual slavery in Southeast Asia. Thirty percent of girls received at the shelter from brothels are HIV positive.

Somaly Mam shelter$30: Keep a Woman Safe
You can provide one month of support to help keep rescued girls safe. Shelters are under constant threat from the organized crime syndicates that run the brothels and pimps who wish to harm and re-enslave rescued girls. This covers a shelter's security fees for one month per girl, allowing girls to rebuild their strength in a secure, loving environment.

Apne Aap skill training$40: Skill Training
You can provide a month of skill training—including self-defense and literacy—for an adolescent girl vulnerable to being trafficked. Help keep these girls away from sex predators.

Apne Aap legal protection$250: Legal Protection
You can provide a month of legal protection for a woman or child. In addition to legal counsel, women will also be trained on basic knowledge about their rights to defend themselves when confronted with violence or abuse.