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Doctors initially had trouble accurately diagnosing Sean's condition. Finally, Sean and Amy turned to one of the world's foremost experts on memory disorders. After extensive tests, the expert determined that Sean had a rare amnesia caused by the stress of the wedding combined with a terrible car accident one of his friends suffered on the night of the wedding.

All of Sean's memories were wiped from his brain. He was previously a disc jockey, but he found that he no longer liked the kind of music he played. "Everyone goes through their life with baggage they carry from when they're a kid to when they're an adult," Sean says. "You have your views of life and they're set. I didn't have any views of life…everything was gone for me."

"Even tasting an orange was new to him," Amy says. "Everything was new."

Sean's personality changed, too. "His mannerisms were different," Amy says. "He was almost childlike in a way because he didn't have the baggage or the cynicism and he likes to joke around and be sarcastic a lot and he wasn't like that at all."
FROM: Gay for 30 Days
Published on October 20, 2005


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