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Sean and Amy met, fell in love, and had a beautiful wedding. But on the way to their honeymoon, the fairy tale was abruptly erased.

Sean and Amy parked at the airport and boarded a shuttle to their terminal. Sean says he realized he'd forgotten his wallet, and returned to their car to retrieve it. After more than an hour and 40 minutes, Sean still hadn't returned and Amy began to panic, frantically retracing his steps back to their car. She got all the way to the car, but couldn't find either the wallet or Sean. Amy then called the police, and even went on television with an appeal for information about her missing newlywed husband.

Despite the mysterious disappearance of her new husband, Amy says she never thought that Sean was a "runaway husband."

"He would never do that," she says. "I did go talk to some of the security guards at the airport. Some of them said that. They kind of joked, 'Oh, he probably ran away.' But that wasn't the case. I just knew something was wrong."

Three days later police found Sean disoriented and wandering outside an abandoned hotel. Amy rushed to be reunited with him, but her tears of joy were met with his blank stares. Sean did not recognize Amy, his own wife. "I was so happy that we found him. But at the same time, when he looked at me and I could tell he didn't know who I was, it was just a crushing feeling," Amy says. "It was the happiest and saddest moment at the same time."
FROM: Gay for 30 Days
Published on October 20, 2005