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Once the initial shock of being immersed in gay culture begins to wear off, Ed takes Ryan to his first gay bar. Welcome to Daddy's!

"This is not my type of place," Ryan says. "I think this is the most uncomfortable place I've been in so far. This is disgusting in here. I don't mean to offend you guys. This is just some place that I would never want to be."

After his experience at Daddy's, Ryan swears off gay clubs—but a few weeks later, he gives it another chance. "That's the one place he's had a bad time," Ed explains, "and he wants to go back in."

What happens next surprises everyone—Ryan takes off his shirt and joins the guys on the dance floor. "I had gotten more comfortable being in that environment," Ryan explains. "You know, we had a couple drinks…."

Ryan is not the first straight guy to enjoy a gay bar. "Bars are bars and people can have fun there," Ed says. "There are a lot of gay people that go to straight bars and a lot of straight that go to gay. A lot of women like to go to gay bars because they can actually have a good time dancing, without having the problem of guys hitting on them. And straight guys … have realized that there's a lot of single straight girls at gay bars now, and so they're starting to come in."
FROM: Gay for 30 Days
Published on October 20, 2005