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Nate takes Melissa and her sons on a tour of their brand new home! In the living room, beautiful new leather furniture and warm earth tones create a welcoming look. As in all the homes on Angel Lane, the attached dining room and kitchen create a spacious open layout, perfect for bringing the entire family together. The kitchen is fully stocked, from dishes in the cabinets to food in the refrigerator. Behind closet doors are a brand new washer and dryer!

It's on to the bedrooms—each family member will finally have a special place of their own! Nate places a memento in each room to replace something each family member lost in the hurricane. For Melissa, a framed photo of her sons; for Torren, a new backpack and games; and for Earl, a prized poster he received for excellence in leadership, to replace the original damaged in Hurricane Katrina.

There's one last surprise outside for Earl and Torren, who are both huge basketball fans—it's their very own basketball hoop! Angel Lane is already beginning to feel like home.
FROM: Oprah on Location: Operation Katrina Homes Move In Day Special!
Published on February 22, 2006


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