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Armed with a list from the Oprah.com Katrina registry, Nate started by picking out furnishings for the homes at Target. From toasters and dishes, to mops and pails, Nate selected all the items for the homes. He also picked out furniture from Storehouse, plus children's furniture from Young America.

After months of planning and shopping, the delivery day for all the items finally arrived. A caravan of trucks headed down Angel Lane, with our friends from Target leading the way! Volunteers helped to unload the items, which were different for every house. "We wanted each house to be special," Nate explained. "Not every family is the same, so each house is going to have its own feeling."

While Nate and the team of volunteers decorated the interiors, landscapers worked to make the outside of the homes as beautiful as the inside. "It's coming together beautifully!" Nate said.

Watch Nate transform the houses on Angel Lane into homes! Watch
FROM: Oprah on Location: Operation Katrina Homes Move In Day Special!
Published on February 22, 2006


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