Hollywood's Dynamic Duo
Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts
Academy Award® winners Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts have been lighting up the big screen since the '80s. Between the two of them, Tom and Julia have starred in nearly 100 films, been nominated for eight Oscars, and captivated millions with unforgettable characters like Forrest Gump and Pretty Woman's Vivian Ward.

Though they're two of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood, Tom and Julia have never shared screen time...until now! This dynamic duo is teaming up for their first film and their first interview together.

In the movie Charlie Wilson's War, which is based on a true story, Tom plays Charlie Wilson, a real-life Texas congressman who's known for his love of whiskey and women. Julia brings Joanne Herring, Charlie's longtime friend, benefactor and lover, to life on the big screen.

Charlie and Joanne, one of the richest women in Texas, join forces with a renegade CIA agent—played by Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman—to mastermind the most successful secret war in history. Their efforts in Afghanistan contributed to the fall of the Soviet Union in the early '80s and the end of the Cold War.