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Julia was honored at the 2007 American Cinematheque Award ceremony—and Tom was there to pay tribute to his Charlie Wilson's War co-star. In his speech, Tom joked there is one word, with just five letters, that may help you survive working with Julia Roberts. "Quake. Q-U-A-K-E."

"Q stands for question. Because for the rest of your life, everybody wants to know, 'What's Julia Roberts like?'"

"U is for upstaging. Upstaging means another actor steals your focus. And when you share the screen with Julia Roberts, you might as well be a waffle iron sitting in a tree because you are being upstaged. No one is even looking at you."

"A is for asterisk. Because for the rest of your life, even if you win the Nobel Peace Prize, it will say on your tombstone, 'Winner of Nobel Peace Prize...and made film with Julia Roberts.'"

"K is for knowledge. Knowledge that you can't change any of these facts. You've just got to accept them."

"And E is for everybody. Because everybody loves Julia—everybody, everybody, everybody loves Julia Roberts."

Tom wasn't the only one who honored Julia. Denzel Washington, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Sally Field and Bruce Willis all shared memories of working with the "pretty woman". "Everybody was so loving and nice and I just thought, 'This is a profoundly beautiful moment that, whether I deserve it or don't deserve it, here it is,'" she says. " I just let it wrap around me like a big, giant, yummy hug. I had the best time."
FROM: Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts Together for the First Time!
Published on November 19, 2007


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